The Clipper64 and ClipperD classes in this unit encapsulate all the logic that performs path clipping. Clipper64 clips Paths64 paths, and ClipperD clips PathsD paths.

For complex clipping operations (on open paths, and when using PolyTrees, etc.), you'll need to implement these classes directly. But for simpler clipping operations, the clipping functions in the Clipper Unit will be easier to use.

The PolyTree64 and PolyTreeD classes are optional data structures that, like Paths64 and PathsD, receive polygon solutions from clipping operations. This Polytree structure reflects polygon ownership (which polygons contain other polygons). But using Polytrees will slow clipping by roughly 5-10%.


Clipper64 ClipperD PolyPath64 PolyPathD PolyTree64 PolyTreeD

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