Del.» property ZFillFunction: TZFillCallback read FZFillCallback write FZFillCallback;

C++ » void ZFillFunction(ZFillCallback zFillFunc);

C#  » public ZFillCallback ZFillFunction { get; set; };

This property is only exposed when the pre-processor directive use_xyz has been defined. If this is the case, a 'Z' member will be included in the IntPoint structure where users can store custom data. While most vertices in a clipping solution will correspond to input (subject and clip) vertices, there will also be new vertices wherever edges intersect. This property assigns a custom callback function to the Clipper object so that custom 'Z' values can be assigned to these intersection vertices. (Note that 'Z' values in the solution at non-intersecting vertices will simply be copied from matching input vertices along with the X and Y values.)

It is up to the library user to assign 'Z' values for new intersection vertices (otherwise these values will remain 0). The four vertices that define the intersecting line segments will be passed to the callback function (together with the new intersection vertex) to aid the user in determining appropriate Z values.

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