{$DEFINE use_int32}
 {$DEFINE use_xyz}
 {$DEFINE use_lines}
 {$DEFINE use_deprecated}

C++ »
 #define use_int32
 #define use_xyz
 #define use_lines
 #define use_deprecated

C#  »
 #define use_int32
 #define use_xyz
 #define use_lines
 #define use_deprecated

PreProcessor Defines:

When enabled 32bit integers are used instead of 64bit integers. This improves clipping performance by about 20-30% but coordinate values are limited to the range ± 46340. (Disabled by default)

Adds a 'Z' member to IntPoint with only a minor cost to perfomance. For more details see Clipper's ZFillFunction property. (Disabled by default)

Enables open path (line) clipping. If line clipping is disabled, there's generally a very small (ie ~5%) improvement in performance. (Enabled by default)

Enables code developed with versions of Clipper prior to version 6 to compile without changes.
This exposes compatability code that will be removed in a future update. (Enabled by default)

See Also

Clipper.ZFillFunction, IntPoint