C++#define USINGZ

C# #define USINGZ

With regard to clipping solutions, occasionally users may need to identify vertices that have been created at path intersections and even assign user-defined data for these vertices. To facilitate this, in addition to X and Y coordinates, the pre-processor directive USINGZ will add a Z member to vertex definitions. (This Z is not a coordinate since it will only contain user-defined data.) With this USINGZ directive set, users will be able to assign Z values to vertices in subject and clip paths prior to clipping. And these Z values will be retained if these vertices appear in clipping solutions. And with a user defined ZCallback callback function, users can also assign Z values to new vertices in clipping solution (where vertices are created at path intersections).

There are C++ and C# examples of using USINGZ in respective Examples folders.

Note: USINGZ will have a small impact on performance, so the library's default is to leave this directive undefined.

See Also

Clipper64.ZCallback, ClipperD.ZCallback