What is SplitJoin?
SplitJoin is a WindowsTM utility for splitting and rejoining files. SplitJoin is tiny (30kb) so it can easily 'travel' with the file parts and be used to rejoin them. Even though SplitJoin is tiny, it still has loads of features: a CRC check is performed when rejoining files; the original file's date and time is preserved; file drag and drop is supported; shows splitting and joining progress; has help integrated within the program.

Who would need SplitJoin?
It can be difficult to transfer large files between computers when using floppy disks or email. Files that are larger than 1.4Mb won't fit on a standard floppy disk and many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) limit the size of email file attachments, often to as little as 1Mb.

The solution to this problem is to break large files into smaller parts for transfer, then reassemble the parts into a copy of the original file once they have reached their destination.

What are the main features of SplitJoin?
  • It is very small (30kb unzipped).
  • Does not require installation.
  • Does not make changes to the Windows Registry.
  • Does not clutter Explorer's Context Menu.
  • Checks that the joined file has not been corrupted.
  • The original file's date and time is preserved.
  • Allows file drag and drop.
  • Gives feedback on splitting and joining progress.
  • Has help integrated into the program file.
  • Comes with full Delphi source code.
Last Updated:
25 January 2002
Version: 1.3.3

Author & Copyright:
Angus Johnson
© Copyright 2001-2002


Licence Agreement:
This program has been released as freeware.

No guarantee of performance is given, and any damage to software which may result from using this program will be the responsibility of the user.

Download Sites for Version 1.3.3

  Australia (49kb including source code)

SplitJoin translations:

  Simplified Chinese (28kb)
  Translation by: Darong Lv

  Japanese (29kb)
  Translation by: Yoshiroh Maruoka

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