Resource Hacker


16 September 2011 (Version 3.6):
  • PNG icons support added.
19 November 2009 (Version 3.5):
  • 64bit executabe support added.
  • PNG image support added.
24 March 2002 (Version 3.4.0):
  • 32bit Resource Files (*.res) can now also be viewed and edited.
  • Added support for the following Dialog extended style flags: WS_EX_LAYERED, WS_EX_NOINHERITLAYOUT, WS_EX_LAYOUTRTL and WS_EX_NOACTIVATE.
  • All resource language ids (except those for cursors and icons) can now be easily changed.
  • Bug Fix: LBS_NOINTEGRALHEIGHT and LBS_MULTICOLUMN listbox style flags in dialogs previously could not be combined.
14 January 2002 (Version 3.3.4):
  • Bug fix: Occasional error when trying to compile large plain text resources.
  • Bug fix: Occasional error (introduced in the previous update) when replacing icons.
6 January 2002 (Version 3.3.3):
  • Searching has been speeded up dramatically.
  • Numerous other minor improvements.
23 December 2001 (Version 3.3.2):
  • Bug fix: Export tables were being corrupted when modifying Dlls which were originally compiled with LCC-Win32.
  • Bug fix: Minor resource leak plugged.
  • Bug fix: Progressbar styles PBS_SMOOTH and PBS_VERTICAL in resource Dialogs were not being decompiled.
7 December 2001 (Version 3.3.1):
  • Resources can now be renamed either via the popup menu of the treeview control or via the main menu (once the specific resource has been selected in the treeview control).
  • Numerous other minor improvements and bug fixes.
2 November 2001 (Version 3.2.10):
  • Bug fix: Resource HackerTM caused an "access violation" occasionally when trying to open 16bit executables (which aren't supported).
  • Bug fix: Occasional errors occured when decompiling messagetables and accelerators.
  • Bug fix: Closing Resource HackerTM was delayed due to Windows caching *.ini updates.
7 August 2001 (Version 3.2.9):
  • Bug fix: Resource HackerTM will now display and edit resources stored in sections other than the '.rsrc' section.
  • Bug fix: Another commandline bug fixed.
  • Several minor functional improvements.
16 June 2001 (Version 3.2.8):
  • When editing dialog controls using the resource script Editor, the control corresponding to the current insertion point (if any) will be highlighted automatically in the dialog preview.
  • When resources cannot be viewed due to non-standard resource layouts (eg when an “EXE compressor” has been used to shrink the file), a message to this effect will now be displayed.
  • Individual resource item's size will now be displayed in the statusbar.
  • Bug fix: Commandline support was partially broken in a previous update.
  • Bug fix: Should now run on Win95 machines which still have the original ComCtl32.dll.
  • Bug fix: Should now run on Win95 and Win98 machines which do not have ImageHlp.dll installed. (ImageHlp.dll is included on the Win98 install CD and is installed automatically with Internet Explorer 3 or greater.)
8 April 2001 (Version 3.2.7):
  • DS_SETFONT is no longer decompiled into the STYLE statement of Dialog resources to avoid problems when recompiling scripts using Microsoft's resource compiler.
  • Extended Dialog FONT definitions (font weight, italics etc) are no longer displayed in decompiled scripts unless they have been changed to non-default values. This avoids problems when trying to recompile these scripts with both MS's and Borland's resource compilers which still do not support full font definitions for Dialogs.
  • Bug fix: Occasional error when saving non-standard resource types to *.res files.
10 March 2001 (Version 3.2.6):
  • Resources can now be added to executables which previously did not contain resources.
  • Bug fix (introduced in the last update): Unicode to multibyte character conversion was causing problems with some non-English resources.
3 March 2001 (Version 3.2.5):
  • Enhanced the Dialog Editor's functionality when adding new controls.
  • The line number of Editor's insertion point is now displayed on the left of the statusbar.
  • The Menu Preview is now able to display popup menus which don't have a caption.
  • Bug fix (introduced in the previous update): Dialogs displaying bitmaps would no longer always display the correct size of the bitmap.
  • Other minor improvements.
20 February 2001 (Version 3.2.4):
  • A Dialog Editor has been added which can be activated by right clicking on a Dialog Preview.
  • Plain text resources can now be modified and recompiled using the internal editor.
  • Bug-fix: Dialog scripts were not being displayed if either the dialog width or dialog height equalled zero.
  • Bug-fix: Occasionally a valid menu script would raise an error when compiling.
  • Bug-fix: StringTable entries with more than 50 special characters (\t,\n etc) could not be viewed and raised an error.
28 January 2001 (Version 3.2.3):
  • The Dialog Preview/Designer is now detached from the main window.
  • Whenever a control is selected in the Dialog Designer, its definition in the script will also be flagged with a red marker.
  • Several minor bug fixes.
14 January 2001 (Version 3.2.2):
  • Programs which are modified will now have their CheckSums updated too.
  • Combobox controls in the preview/designer dialog now have resizing handles which reflect the size of its dropdown window (ie consistent with the dialog script).
  • A control can now be deleted by using the DEL key once it has been selected in a preview dialog.
  • Bug fix: Resource HackerTM crashed when Alt+C was pressed when the Preview Dialog had focus.
9 January 2001 (Version 3.2.1):
  • Bug fix: STRINGTABLE with StringID = 0 will now compile
  • Bug fix: ACCELERATOR recompile bug fixed.
  • Bug fix: Old style bitmaps will now be displayed
  • Bug fix: Alt+C will now compile when Preview Dialog has focus
  • Bug fix: Text ending with doubleslashes will now compile
  • Bug fix: DIALOG scripts containing MENU or CLASS statements would occasionally raise an error on compiling.
  • A maximised state will be retained between sessions
  • FONT statement in DIALOGEX scripts now fully supports FontWeight, Italic and FontCharset parameters.
  • Several other minor bug fixes/cosmetic improvements.
1 January 2001 (Version 3.1):

  • Most-Recently-Used file list added to File menu.
  • Bug fix: Unusual characters in filenames would not be correctly read by the commandline script parser.
  • Visual redesign tool for dialogs improved.
  • Warned dialog added whenever leaving a resource which has been modified but not recompiled.
  • Edit menu added.
  • Images can now be copied to the clipboard.
  • User defined resources containing just plain text will now be displayed as text, not as binary data.
12 December 2000 (Version 3.0):

  • Resource items can now be added from files of any binary type, no longer needing to compile them into *.res files first. This includes, but is not restricted to image files (*.ico, *.cur, *.bmp).
  • Commandline Scripting added. All the functionality of Resource HackerTM (apart from viewing resources) can now be accessed from the commandline without having to open Resource HackerTM.
  • Added Any File (*.*) option to Open File Dialog File types (no longer limited to exe, dll, ocx and cpl files). However, the file must still be a Win32 PE format file.
  • Save As Dialog now warns users attempting to save resources to non-existant directories.
  • Bug fix: MSVC++ debug table offsets were not being updated when resources were modified.
  • VersionInfo resources can now be modified etc.
  • Numerous other minor improvements.
2 November 2000 (Version 2.6):

  • Text search added. Searches for both ANSI and UNICODE text.
  • "File Save" menu option added. Before saving, Resource HackerTM automatically creates a backup copy of the original file if a backup does not already exist. (eg: Before MyProgram.exe is modified, a backup copy called MyProgram_original.exe will be created.)
  • Bug Fix: VersionInfo resources would occasionally not decompile correctly.
10 September 2000 (Version 2.5):

  • Resources can now be deleted. (nb: VersionInfo resources cannot be deleted in order to protect copyright notices.)
  • Bug Fix: Modified applications occasionally displayed the generic executable icon, not the application's icon.
  • Fixes to a couple of other minor bugs.
18 August 2000 (Version

  • Bug Fix: Internal compiler would not compile some Chinese text.
  • Improved translation support. Scripts are now compiled using the codepage appropriate to the internal editor’s selected font rather than the operating system’s default codepage. (Thanks to Frank Cheng for feedback while fixing both these DBCS issues.)
  • Bug fix: Occasionally StringTable resources would not be decompiled.
  • Bug fix: Accelerators would not compile if they included the ASCII keyword.
  • The command line will now accept a filename as a parameter.
  • The Samples.dll file is no longer included in the download.
3 July 2000 (Version

  • Bug Fix: Bug introduced with changes in the previous update which caused an error in "Update all Resources" preventing any updates.
  • Bug Fix: Occasional bug when extracting resources to a RES file.
  • A couple of very minor improvements to the compiler have also been made.
26 May 2000 (Version

  • Multibyte character set support (Japanese, Chinese etc) for the internal editor has been added (with thanks to Bob Ishida for feedback during debugging).
  • Bug fix: Cursors with multiple images were not being correctly imported when replacing cursors.
  • Numerous other improvements and cosmetic changes.
  • A number of documentation errors in the help file have also been fixed.
20 Apr 2000 (Version

  • The JPG and MIDI data formats are now detected and displayed or played.
  • Bug Fix: WAVE, AVI and GIF formats were not being detected in the RCDATA section.
  • Bug Fix: The folder where resource data was last saved was not being stored between sessions.
16 Apr 2000 (Version

  • The AVI and WAVE data formats are now detected and displayed or played.
  • The GIF data format is now detected and displayed (with thanks to Anders Melander for TGifImage).
  • A number of sample resources have been removed from the Resource HackerTM executable and placed in "Samples.dll". (This dll can be deleted without affecting Resource HackerTM.)
    Samples.dll is no longer included in the download (27 Jul 00).
13 Feb 2000 (Version

  • The editor's font can now be changed. This enables changes to the editor's font script (character code) which is useful when translating resources.
  • Menu editor [Show/Hide] button added.
  • Coloured treeview cursor removed :-(.
  • Dialog controls now have coordinates displayed when selected too. (see version
11 Feb 2000 (Version

  • Bug Fix: Major modifications to dll's still occasionally failed. Now finally fixed.
  • The treeview window width can now be adjusted.
  • Resource Hacker'sTM window size and position is now stored between sessions (in an *ini file ) as are the folders for the last opened and saved files.
  • While moving or resizing dialog controls - the control coordinates (in dialog units) are now displayed in the panel located above the dialog script.
9 Feb 2000 (Version

  • Resources can now be added.
  • LANGUAGE statements in resource scripts are no longer "read-only".
  • Resources can now be updated with all matching resources in an external resource file (*.res) in a single operation.
  • Bug Fix: Replacing cursors & icons from resource files (*.res) was broken.
1 Feb 2000 (Version

  • Bug Fix: Modifying dll's occasionally stopped them working (the relative virtual addresses of sections following the resource section were not being adjusted).
  • MESSAGETABLE and ACCELERATOR resources can now also be edited and recompiled using the internal editor.
  • Dialogs will be displayed even when they contain unregistered controls (a gray rectangle will appear in the position of each unregistered control).
  • Dialog editor now compiles controls defined by using either of the following styles:
    * CONTROL text, control-ID, control-class,
          control-style, x, y, width, height
    * CLASS_MAIN_STYLE text, control-ID,
          x, y, width, height, control-style
  • Modified files now preserve the original file date and time.
  • Resources (menus, dialogs, stringtables, accelerators & messagetables) can now be saved in a single operation to a single *.rc file.
  • Numerous other minor improvements.
17 Jan 2000 (Version

  • Bug Fix: Memory leak fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Numeric captions in dialog resources were not compiled correctly.
  • Resources can now be saved to file as a binary.
  • Improved handling of special characters (tab, newline, backslash & doublequote) in resource scripts.
  • Dialog resource forms and controls can now be visually moved and resized.
2 Jan 2000 (Version

  • DIALOG, DIALOGEX, MENU, MENUEX, STRINGTABLE and BORLAND FORM resources can now be edited and recompiled using the internal editor.
  • Bug Fix - large resources which were displayed as hexidecimal took forever to load. The display algorithm for these resources is now much faster.
  • Bug Fix - Tab and Newline characters are now converted to \t and \n respectively in dialog script control captions.
  • Bitmap Exchange Dialog added - enables viewing of bitmaps while selecting.
  • Individual icons are no longer scaled but are displayed at their actual size.
  • Files can now be opened by dragging them into Resource HackerTM.
12 Dec 1999 (version

  • Bug Fix - Exchanging cursors from *.cur files was broken.
  • Bug Fix - Menu resource scripts did not always decompile correctly.
  • Icon & Cursor Exchange Dialogs now display selected images.
  • Icons & cursor resources are now hidden in the 'Exchange Other Resources' dialog.
  • MENUEX and DIALOGEX resource scripts are now properly supported.
  • Resource scripts now decompile control style attributes too.
  • Borland Delphi form files now decompiled.
  • Accelerators now decompiled.
  • Help file added.
03 Dec 1999 (version

  • Initial Release.