iiNet Monthly Usage Meter
(aka iiMUM)

Latest version: 1.6.8
Last updated: 27 July 2018
Copyright: © 2012-2018 Angus Johnson

iiMUM is a free Windows utility that monitors broadband usage for customers of the Australian ISP iiNet. Broadband usage is updated hourly with data retrieved directly from iiNet's webserver.

While iiMUM is running, an icon will appear in the notification area of the taskbar. The style of the icon will depend on the type of plan its monitoring. If the plan contains 'peak' and 'off-peak' periods then the icon will have two coloured 'fuel gauge' bars indicating how much of your 'peak' and 'offpeak' quota that you have remaining. If iiMUM is monitoring an 'anytime' plan, then the icon will show a single coloured horizontal bar with a number below indicating the remaining percentage of your monthly quota.

The colours of these bars indicate whether your current downloading is within budget: green indicating that you're within budget; and red indicating that you're likely to reach your monthly quota before the end of the month unless you slow up; and shades of yellow and orange indicate you're somewhere between green and red.




Version 1.6.8 (27 July 2018)
Update: Added support for unlimited plans.
Update: Minor cosmetic changes.
Bugfix: Auto-update was still broken ...
so you'll need to use the full install package until the next update.

Version 1.6.2 (12 July 2018)
Bugfix: Fixed broken auto-update feature.

Version 1.6.1 (12 July 2018)
Update: iiNet updated their encryption again which broke things.
Bugfix: Several minor bugfixes.

Version 1.5.1 (4 Dec 2014)
Update: Changed data encryption to TLS (was SSL).


Full Installation - iimum_setup.exe (~1MB)

nb: If you wish to install a newer version of iiMUM over a previous version, the previous version does not need to be uninstalled. Just make sure iiMUM is no longer running before installing the newer version.


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