function GetTextOutline(x, y: double; const text: UnicodeString; fontInfo: TFontInfo; textAlign: TTextAlign; out textEndPos: TPointD; justifySpc: double = 0): TPathsD;

This function returns the polygons outlining the supplied text.

The 'x' parameter positions the returned polygons horizontally.
Depending on the textAlign parameter:
taLeft or taJustify x = start (left edge) of the text.
taCenter x = the text's midpoint
taRight x = end (right edge) of the text

The 'y' parameter positions text vertically relative to the text baseline (unlike Delphi's canvas.TextOut method which positions text relative to the top of the text).

The returned 'textEndPos' parameter usually indicates where the text will end, unless textAlign = taRight in which case it indicates where the text will start.