This unit is the core of the Image32 library as it contains the TImage32 class that's used in just about every graphics operation. This unit also contains numerous type definitions and miscellaneous functions.


Types Classes Routines Variables Constants
PARGB TImage32 AdjustHue Image32 Image32
PArgbArray TImageFormat BlendInvertedMask
PColor32 TImageList32 BlendMask
PPointD BlendToAlpha
TARGB BlendToOpaque
TArrayOfARGB Color32
TArrayOfByte CompareAlpha
TArrayOfColor32 CompareHue
TArrayOfDouble CompareRGB
TArrayOfInteger DpiAware
TBlendFunction GetBoolMask
TColor32 GetByteMask
TCompareFunction HslToRgb
TCompareFunctionEx InvertColor
THsl IsEmptyRect
TImageFormatClass PointD
TPathD RectD
TPathsD RectHeight
TPointD RectWidth
TRectD RgbtoHsl

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