Image32 is a 2D graphics library written in Delphi Pascal. It provides an extensive range of image manipulation functions and includes a line and polygon renderer supporting a wide range of brush filling options.
Latest Version: 4.2
Last Update: 27 July 2022
Source code: On GitHub
Compiles with all Delphi versions back to and including Delphi 7.

Author: Angus Johnson
Freeware. Copyright © 2019-2021
Boost Software License Version 1. (Why Boost?)

What does the 32 refer to in Image32? It refers to the number of bits per pixel (bpp) used to store pixel data in memory - 8 bits for each of the three color channels (red, green & blue), and 8 bits for the alpha channel. Almost every modern computer and phone uses a 32bpp display, so there's little benefit in using higher bpp's to manipulate and store images.

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