Extract the Img32 folder containing the library module to your preferred location in your file system using Windows Explorer.


Option1: To install Img32 for use in multiple projects:
In the Delphi IDE menu, select:
Tools | Options | Delphi Options | Library
then choose your Selected Platform (eg 32bit Windows) and
add the Img32 folder (Step 1) to both Library Path and Browsing Path.

Option2: To install Img32 for use in a single project:
In the Delphi IDE menu, select:
Project | Options | Delphi Compiler
then add the Img32 folder (Step 1) to Search Path

What, no components!?

Well there is one feature rich image viewer, the TImage32Panel component. While this component is likely to be very useful, the library has been designed so it's easy to draw images onto any component with a canvas, whether a TForm, a TImage or whatever.
However, if you do want to install the TImage32Panel component into Delphi's IDE, then you'll need to install the library's runtime and designtime packages (in that order). These will be found in the source/Packages folder.

 uses Img32;
img := TImage32.Create;

//Assumes a standard TImage (Image1) component has been 
//dropped somewhere onto a form in the Delphi IDE.   
Image1.Picture.Bitmap.SetSize(img.Width, img.Height);
//if 'img' is semi-transparent then fill the target background
Image1.Picture.Bitmap.Canvas.Brush.Color := clBtnFace;
//now copy 'img' to Image1

See Also

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