Delphifunction BooleanOp(clipType: TClipType; fillRule: TFillRule; const subjects, clips: TPaths64): TPaths64;

Delphifunction BooleanOp(clipType: TClipType; fillRule: TFillRule;
  const subjects, clips: TPathsD; precision: integer): TPathsD;

C++Paths64 BooleanOp(ClipType cliptype, FillRule fillrule, const Paths64& subjects, const Paths64& clips);

C++PathsD BooleanOp(ClipType cliptype, FillRule fillrule,
  const PathsD& subjects, const PathsD& clips, int precision);

C# public static Paths64 BooleanOp(ClipType clipType, FillRule fillRule, Paths64 subject, Paths64 clip);

C# public static PathsD BooleanOp(ClipType clipType, FillRule fillRule,
  PathsD subject, PathsD clip, int precision);

This function is a generic alternative to the Intersect, Difference, Union and XOR functions.

When using floating point types, the precision parameter indicated the desired coordinate precision (up to 8 decimal places).

See Also

Difference, Intersect, Union, XOR