Delphi property ArcTolerance: double; //read and write

C++ double ArcTolerance;

C#  public double ArcTolerance {get; set;}

ArcTolerance is only relevant when offsetting with JoinType.Round and / or EndType.Round (see ClipperOffset.AddPath and ClipperOffset.AddPaths).

Since flattened paths can never perfectly represent arcs (see Trigonometry), this property specifies a maximum acceptable imperfection for rounded curves during offsetting.

It's important to make ArcTolerance a sensible fraction of the offset delta (arc radius). Large tolerances relative to the offset delta will produce poor arc approximations but, just as importantly, very small tolerances will slow offsetting performance without noticeably improving curve quality.

The default ArcTolerance is 0.25.

See Also

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